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Geometry dash Mod Apk is a rhythm based game, which presently has 21 official levels, 18, which are unlocked initially. Each level has a reward and has three secret coins used to unlock the three locked levels. Then levels are subdivided by difficulty, and each difficulty gives some numbers of stars. Players can play approximately in any order.
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Download Geometry Dash Mod Apk [Latest Version]

A Geometry dash apk is established by a developer named Robert Topala. It was initially released for $1.99 on 13 August 2013 and latest released on 21 December 2017, which was the Geometry Dash SubZero app. RobTop games are the publisher of this game. A lite version of this game was also released with having fewer features but Geometry Dash Meltdown apk, Geometry dash world apk, and Geometry dash apk subzero which include exclusive levels.

In this game, a system is used, a consumer-targeted game engine, and a layout of specialized designed tools used for rapid iteration of user-derived video games, with more than 60 million online levels made by players.

Each of the official level features is a very different and unique musical background. It also has multiple game modes.

Players can also earn achievements, which may be exchanged in returns for rewards. They can also use a shop where they can spend an in-game currency called “mana orbs,” and this currency is collected by completing the levels.

Each game in the series also has a practice mode, which can be used for any level, which allows the player to restart at manually or automatically placed checkpoints instead of the very beginning. Still, a level cannot be completed on a practice mode, but it leads to certain rewards.

The difficulty is set or determined by Topala (developer of Geometry Dash). The creator of a given level, its players, and the game’s moderators can influence this decision.

About this game

Entering into a new world of survival and action. Survive and beat the heat through flying and jumping skillfully in this enthusiastic action platform.

Get up and boost your passion for turning the impossible into the possible by entering into the universe of geometry dash apk. Make the world believe in your endless gaming abilities by completing the challenges.

Pump up your moves and charge your skills to the next level. Fly, jump, and flip your way through the difficult hurdles and narrow passages.

This version is simple one-touch gameplay with lots of exciting and enjoyable levels.

Game Features

*There are some special game features included.

*New levels with fantastic soundtracks.

*You can make and share your new levels through the level editor.

*Win challenges and discover new icons and colors to upgrade your character.

*Practice mode enables you to become a master in geometry dash.

*Lots of prizes in the game.

*No in-app purchase.

geometry dash mod apk



MOD APK stands for the modified Android Package. It is an upgraded version of official Android Apps.

MOD APK has many unlocked features. It includes so many modifications and upgrades. APK file has got all the original app features, which can be used on an Android phone.

Game developers make changes inside an APK file for the gamers to unlock the original app’s locked features to make it more enjoyable. This version is known as moded APK and available for download on several websites for the user


Download and Install Geometry Dash Now,

it’s time to play the game, but first, we’re going to guide you on how to download and install the game.

*The first step

You need to follow is to download and install an android emulator. Bluestacks offline installer is suggested for installation as it supports all kinds of apk files on your Android.

*Second step

Open the bluestacks app and search for the desired game.

*You can also click on the downloading link available below and enjoy playing it using Bluestacks. Once the Geometry Dash app is shown on Bluestacks, click the install button


Download Now


These are all the complete steps for downloading and installation of Geometry Dash 2.111 APK.

After the installation completes, don’t wait and start playing the game to explore a new gaming world.


                                     WINDOWS REQUIREMENTS


 CPU SPEED                                                         2.0+ GHz
RAM                                                                      512 MB
OS                                                                          Windows XP
VIDEO CARD/GRAPHICS                                  OpenGL 2.0 support
PIXEL SHADER                                                   3.0
VERTEX SHADER                                               3.0
FREE DISK SPACE                                              100 MB
VIDEO RAM                                                         64MB
MEMORY                                                             512 MB
                                                                          MAC OS X REQUIREMENTS
SPEED                                                                  2.0 GHz +
RAM                                                                     512 MB
OS                                                                         MAC OS X 10.7
VIDEO CARD/GRAPHICS                                OpenGL 2.0 support



1.1 14 SEPTEMBER  2013 *New level with the new exciting soundboard

*new gameplay model

*Ability to comment on user levels.

*unlockable character and colors

*bug fixes

*with many improvements

1.11 4 October 2013 *record and share replays with friends

*bug fixes and tweaks

1.2 21 October 2013 *new level

* new lead boards system

*with a new level of detail

1.3 20 November 2013 ·       New level “x Step”!

·       New leaderboard system. Complete levels and rise in the charts!

·       New level details, effects, and more!

·       10 New characters and achievements!

1.4 26 December 2013 ·       New level “Clutter funk”!

·       New unlockable ships!

·       New level details, effects, and more!

·       Bug fixes and tweaks.

1.41 28 December 2013 ·       Fix for a bug that caused players with over 500 stars or 5 completed demon levels to crash.
1.5 30 January 2014 ·       New level “Theory of Everything”!

·       New game mode!

·       New unlockable ships and icons!

·       New level details, effects, and more!

·       Vote on Stars and Demon difficulty!

·       Copy/Paste in editor!

·       Lots and lots of improvements!


1.7 22 May 2014 ·       New level “Electro dynamix”!

·       New speed mode (slow, normal, fast, very fast)

·       Lots of new art and effects

·       New unlockable rainbow effect

·       New unlockable icons, ships, gravity balls, and UFOs

·       New color

·       Performance improvements

·       New search filters to make finding maps easier

·       New Map Packs

·       Option to allow other users to copy your online levels (for remixing and sharing levels)

·       New tab system for a faster building in the editor

·       Lots of other improvements, tweaks, and bug fixes!

1.61 4 April 2014 ·       Fixed bug on devices running iOS 5

·       Bug fixes and tweaks

1.71 3 June 2014 ·       Bug fixes and tweaks
1.8 7 August 2014 ·       New level “Hexagon Force”!

·       New dual character game mode!

·       New slope ground objects!

·       Ability to create 2-player levels (playing on the same device)

·       Lots of new art and effects

·       New achievements to complete!

·       New unlockable icons, ships, gravity balls, and UFOs

·       New color

·       Performance improvements

·       Huge changes in the editor. Playtest your levels in-editor, free move objects, flip & rotate groups, + more!

·       Bug fixes and tweaks

1.81 8 August 2014 ·       Bug fixes / Tweaks
1.9 9 November 2014 ·       New level “Blast Processing”

·       New level “Theory of Everything 2”

·       New “Wave” game mode

·       New music system. Build and share levels using custom music from

·       Backup system. Store and sync your progress between devices and platforms

·       User account system

·       New achievements, colors, and icons

·       Lots of new details and level objects

·       Customize the color of objects in the level editor (including 4 custom color channels)

·       Color coding in the editor to make different objects more clear

·       New search options

·       Improved server performance for downloading levels

·       Copy/paste support in the editor. (not duplicate, paste object anywhere in the level)

·       Level editor object limit increased to 15,000

·       Lots of bug fixes and improvements

·       More!

1.91 20 November 2014 ·       Bug fixes and tweaks
1.911 21 November 2014 ·       Bug fixes and tweaks
1.921 29 January 2015 ·       New performance options that can reduce lag on some devices. Go to “options/smooth fix” to enable.

·       Added group features to the level editor

·       Max objects increased to 20,000

·       Bug fixes and tweaks

1.93 16 February 2015 ·       Bug fixes
2.0 27 August 2015 ·       New level “Geometrical Dominator”

·       New Demon level “Deadlocked”

·       Robot game mode

·       Moving objects

·       Teleportation portals

·       User coin system

·       User profile pages

·       Friend and messaging systems

·       Friend leaderboards

·       Over 50 new achievements and rewards

·       Lots and lots of new art

·       Animated monsters and level objects

·       Drastically improved save and load times

·       Editor preview mode

·       Lots of editor improvements

·       Unlimited color channels

·       Lots of bug fixes

·       Secrets…

·       and more!

2.01 7 October 2015 ·       Bug fixes and tweaks
2.1 16 January 2017 ·       New Level “Finger dash”!

·       Spider game mode!

·       Lots of new gameplay objects!

·       Collect new rewards!

·       Quests!

·       Daily levels!

·       Lots and lots of new art

·       Lots of editor improvements

·       Lots of bug fixes

·       Secrets…

·       and more!

2.11 16 November 2017 ·       iPhone X support!

·       New icons and effects!

·       New community shop!

·       Weekly Demon challenge!

·       Folders and level sorting!

·       New demon chests!

·       Level leaderboards!

·       Random other fun stuff.

·       Lots of bug fixes and tweaks.



Download Geometry dash mod Apk latest version has user-friendly interference and this is an android gaming app that helps the gamer in achieving an all-around and amazing gaming experience. I hope You people like my geometry dash (mod) article.


Thanks for playing with Apkiconic. We dare accept challenges.

Contact: [email protected]

What's new

Upgrade 2.11 is available here!

This game is a pre-update before the more significant update 2.2. Soo many exciting things to reveal.

*New graphics and icons added!

*New community shop!

*Weekly demon tasks and missions!

*Folders and level adjustment!

*New demon chests available!

*Level leaderboards!

*Bugs and errors have fixed.

There are some winning prizes in the game duplicated because of bugs and errors.

This issue has resolved. If you have lost any previously earned rewards after loading 2.11, that's why :)


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