Mini Militia FAQ

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What is Mini Militia?

Mini Militia is also known as Doodle Army 2 Action game……………………….. it is a two-dimensional multiplayer action game that challenges you to face rivals from everywhere in the world. Up to 6 players can play together in online combat, and up to twelve action game players using WiFi. It is accessible on Android and IOS app store.

What is the best mod of Mini Militia?

Mini Militia GOD MOD.

How to play the game on a windows phone?

  1. Update your windows phone to windows 10
  2. Get an Android deployment tool.
  3. Download mod Apk
  4. Use the USB connection to attach the mobile phone with PC
  5. Go to advanced mode for the developer in a setting.
  6. Now, enter the pin that is revealed in your windows phone.
  7. Then select the app file and install it.

What are some fantastic facts about Mini Militia?

  1. Mini Militia includes guns that are still under construction phase.

One of the facts is that most of the guns in this game are real and have real names.

  • Laser gun
  • flame thrower
  • disc thrower
  1. The owners themselves develop a hacked version.
  2. The shotgun with a single barrel in this game doesn’t shoot three shots vertically in real life.

What are the best weapons in-game?

Best Weapons in-game

  • Sniper
  • Shield
  • Shotgun
  • Rocket launcher
  • Machete.

How do you always win in mini Militia?

  • First, get yourself fully equipped with good guns, then run into a fight to kill someone
  • Run contrary to the course of Bomb thrown.
  • Situate sensor bombs in bushes.
  • Reload when no one is around.
  • Best Weapon combination shotgun + sniper.
  • Always carry two guns in hand.
  • Try to attack other opponents already engaged in a fire.
  • Shoot into Bushes because there may be enemies hiding behind them.
  • You can kill a person with Shield by using a grenade or Rocket Launcher.
  • With ideal block, you can even guard yourself against missile and saw cutter.

How do you speak in Mini Militia?

  1. LG – let’s go, yea.
  2. BI – bring it.
  3. GS – get some.
  4. RU – ready up.
  5. GG – Good Game.

What are the actual names of guns of ”Mini Militia”?

  • EMP. Also known as the electric gun. …
  • LASER GUN. Long-range gun. …
  • FLAMETHROWER. Suitable for damaging multiple opponents at once. …
  • UZI.
  • M4.
  • M14.


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